General information

The manufacturing facility was completely renovated in 2007. Cutting edge KRONES equipment (Germany) allows us to produce the beverages that satisfy the highest hygienic manufacturing standards.

The production capacity is about 0.5 million bottles per day.

Beverage dispenser.To produce our beverages we use the artesian well water. All the wells are located outside the city in the forest area. They are all surveyed and protected.

A special 2 km long pipeline delivers the water from the wells to the production facilities.

Our company continuously monitors the water quality, availing itself of a specially established regulation body of the Ministry of Health – Odessa Institute of Balneology and Mineralogy. Before the beginning of the production cycle all the raw ingredients are subjected to tests for compliance with the national quality standards and the internal requirements of the company. Our company’s certified laboratory controls each product batch.

Manufacturing facilities of the Karavan brand.

However, the area of our main attention and concern is ensuring the consistency and microbiological purity and precision of the production processes.

All Karavan brand beverages are made without preservatives and without lemon acid.

In manufacturing our Karavan sweet soda waters we use exclusively sugar, natural orange juice base, natural flavors, essential oils of herbs, fruits and nuts, concentrated juices of lemon, lime, apple, pear, grapes.