Still Blow Well Water Production

Вода питна артезіанська негазована 0.5л ТМ «Караван»Вода питна артезіанська негазована 1.5л ТМ «Караван»Вода питна артезіанська негазована 6.0л ТМ «Караван»From the middle of August we have been producing and bottling still blow well water. We sell it in 6, 1.5 and 0.5 l bottles.

Usually the manufacturers artificially soften still water by subtracting mineral calcium and magnesium salts. This technology prevents the formation of deposits during boiling. However in the course of this process the water alters its natural composition and taste. We were tempted to do like everybody else in the industry. What changed our opinion is the consideration that at home we use regular tap and not softened blow well water for cooking. We believe that is worth cleaning your teapot from the mineral salt deposits one extra time rather than using tasteless water stripped of its natural salts and micro-elements. Blow well water is tasty and has health benefits.

That is why we decided to offer you the water produced by the Nature itself.

Drink it to your health!