Breaking barriers and stereotypes

On September 3rd, 2011 company Panda lifted territorial limits and eliminated exclusive sales rights for Karavan distributors. Simply speaking now anyone can purchase the beverages directly from the manufacturer at the distributor prices and sell them at any point of sale. By allowing this we hope to renew the competition in the logistic services and distribution markets selling Karavan beverages.

We believe that such natural competition:
• will create the most efficient distribution channels,
• lead to cost-saving in the manufacturer – trade partner – retail – end-user chain,
• improve the manufacturer’s product range.

In other words from now on it is the end-user and not the manufacturer who will define the product range.

The points of sale will be able to negotiate better supply conditions (prices, product range, deferred payments, etc.).

It will be a distributor and not a manufacturer to define the sales territory and its range.

This will allow more efficient distributors amass larger territory. To sum it up, the competition in the logistic services and distribution market will lead to cost optimization and improvement of the retail pricing policy which in the end will benefit our customers. As far as our distributors are conserned we offer them level playing field and equal rights. Under such conditions any hard-working distributor will be able to succeed.

Well, we will see…