Elimination of the Sales Department

Panda’s Sales Department was eliminated on November 3rd, 2011. Unfortunately Sales Department had been considered one of the major divisions, almost more important than the Manufacturing Division. Since the elimination Panda became a purely manufacturing company. Only the necessary value adding processes remain (see the process chart).

As reported previously, Karavan’s sales network consists of naturally created chain of active distributors, wholesalers and retail points. We believe that this radically innovative approach is a long forgotten old distribution pattern. Do you remember the times when everybody was doing everything and only really necessary goods remained in the market? Nowadays the market is full of goods that the manufacturers and advertising agencies try to shove down our throats using fine-tuned conscience manipulation tools such as TV ads, “golden” shelves, billboards and other methods of belligerent marketing.

We didn’t exaggerate with those methods before and we decided to abandon them altogether now. We decided to remain at the mercy of our customers’ cloudy decision-making process regarding the product choice. Dear customer, if you like our work it will be our pleasure to continue working for you.