A breath of fresh air in the technology

Panda’s main goal is to satisfy our customers. This is why we implemented a new approach in using the carbon dioxide dissolution technology to manufacture our Karavan sparkling and sweet soda waters. Before adopting this technology we spent almost entire year researching, conducting beverage-tasting, adding equipment to our production line. Almost the entire technical and production staff was involved in this process.

We achieved the following results:

First of all, from November 3rd, 2011 we have been using carbon dioxide of the exclusively biological origin in our mineral water and other Karavan beverages. Biological carbon dioxide is produced naturally in the process of alcoholic fermentation induced by sugar and yeast interaction. Biological carbon dioxide is a human-friendly product because fermentation is a natural process. One of the places where it occurs is the human digestive tract. People have been using fermentation process in cooking and in beverage production from the time immemorial.

We use a simple and straightforward method of the carbon biodioxide purification (see the chart). In the purification process we use water, activated carbon and zeolites’s natural qualities. Water dissolves and separates the alcohol and organic additives that are created in the fermentation process. Activated carbon absorbs smells and tangs. Zeolite absorbs the moisture.

Unlike carbon dioxide, which is manufactured by capturing by-product gases formed during chemical and petrochemical production or by burning rare natural resources, carbon dioxide has a pleasant taste. This is due to the fact that it does not contain even the smallest MOH approved amount of harmful or sometimes even poisonous substances.

Second of all, we radically changed the saturation technology (the process of carbon dioxide dissolution in beverages). This overhaul resulted in the change of the effervescence and spiciness of our beverages combined with the delicate softness of their taste. Carbon dioxide harmoniously dissolves in a beverage. It doesn’t evaporate even from a glass. Such qualities are characteristic of beverages made through the natural fermentation – kvass, cider, etc.- known for their refreshing and thirst-quenching qualities.

Taste our beverages!