Routine price decrease

One can buy high quality expensive goods or lower quality cheaper goods but we would all like to buy high quality goods at affordable price. Manufacturing beverages that meet this criteria has defined Panda’s strategy for almost 20 years.

We hope our effort hasn’t been wasted. Streamlining our efforts to increase our manufacturing and labor productivity, implement loss prevention, decrease our company’s high interest bearing liabilities, outsource logistic functions to our partners, combined with the raw materials price decrease, allow us to lower the prices for our 1,5 and 0,5 lt blow well water Karavan beverages (see the price-list). We are happy to share this news with you!

Why are we talking only about the blow well water beverages? Because, besides improving the cost parameters, we use natural flavors, juices, deep decomposition of biological carbon dioxide, etc to manufacture them. We do our best to improve their quality without increasing the price.

Taste them!

Happy Holidays!