Reducing expiration period

… or why renounce the pleasure of consuming fresh beverages?

We reduced the expiration period from 90 to 60 days. It is worth mentioning that our beverages pass all the compositional quality and resistance tests after as many as 120 days. But there is always a «but». The compositional quality and resistance remain unaltered for 120 days on condition that the beverages be stored at ≤ 20°С away from direct sunlight according to an industry wide norm.

Beverages made from artificial ingredients or the natural ingredient substitutes, preservatives and other taste improving components have longer shelf-life since they are less susceptible to the temperature changes and direct sunlight. Karavan uses natural ingredients in its soft drinks and does not use any preservatives. This makes our beverages more vulnerable to temperature vacillations and direct sunlight. Those two factors might lead to changes in color and taste.

Our studies show that it is very difficult to create the perfect transportation and storage conditions at the points of sale, especially during the summer months. That is why in order to assure that all Karavan beverages in retail maintain the same original quality and properties we decided to reduce their expiration period.

We apologize to our trade partners for inconveniences caused by this change, such as having to sell off the remaining stock at accelerated rate, expedite the delivery to the points of sale, control the expiration dates. We believe however that in the end the customers will enjoy much more the soft drinks made with natural ingredients. All the parties involved will benefit from it.