Non-alcoholic carbonated soft drink containing juice «Zi smakom Apelsiyna» 1.5 l, 0.5 l

Non-alcoholic carbonated soft drink containing juice «Orange flavoured» 1.5l, 0.5l

Sweet and sour refreshing orange juice drink containing natural orange juice.

Ingredients: prepared artesian water, sugar, lime juice concentrate (weight fraction of reconstituted lime juice in the beverage: 3,3 %), orange base (orange juice concentrate – weight fraction of reconstituted orange juice in the beverage 1,3 %, orange extract, natural orange flavour, natural beta-carotene colour), orange oil. May contain sediment of natural raw materials.

Energy (caloric) value per 100 ml – 163 kJ (39 kcal).
Nutritive (food) value g/100 ml: carbohydrates – 10,2.

Date of consumption makes up 90 days.

Storage conditions: at a temperature from +5°С to +18°С, keep away from direct sunlight. The open bottle can be kept not longer than 3 days at a temperature from +2°С to +6°С.

GMO-free. DSTU 4096.
Drink cooled.

The drink does not contain preservatives.
Under direct sunlight its colour and taste might change.

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