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  1. Dear Sirs!

    First of all, I would like to thank every employee of your company for high-quality products you manufacture for the country. Maintaining high standards (quality standards, in this case) is currently of uttermost importance.

    I am 30 now, and as far as I remember, my family has always been buying beverages under your trademark. Thank you again for the undoubtedly high quality and my special thanks to you for the Kazkovyi Kliuchyk, which is simply incredible! I have two questions for the company employees:

    1) I feel that your beverages have lately become less carbonated. What is the reason to that?

    2) Where can I buy you products in Brovary, the Region of Kyiv, as now I have to transport them from Zhytomyr which is not always convenient?

    Along with your reply at my e-mail, please post this reply on your site as well for other people to see it. Maybe, someone will find it useful.

    Thank you for your reply. 

    With kind regards and best wishes, Iurii.

  2. The labels on plastic bottles always contain information on the type of plastic used to make the bottle. And this information is very important. However, you do not provide it. Why?

  3. Good morning. My name is Illia (the city of Chernivtsi). I have bought Karavan water in 6-liter bottles for the third time over the last few months, and it is just horrible! It tastes like tap water, and the electric kettle, after boiling this water, is covered with unusual white scale (I can even send you a photo). The water surface is covered with flakes of scale. I swear this does not happen even if ordinary tap water is used! At first, I thought something was wrong with the kettle or that lot of water was bad, but when this repeats for the third time over several months, it turns into a pattern. Actually, this is why I decided to write to you. Please sort this issue out. The water was bought in Chernivtsi, in a shop in Haharina Street.
    P.S. I usually buy water on tap but sometimes I miss the truck and in those instances, I purchase water in big bottles. Please address this issue. You probably have some filter problems, or the shop is selling counterfeit water, or is this what the water should be, or do I miss something?

  4. Dear Sirs! I very much like your products, as well as the wide choice of tasty sweet beverages and good design. I will be happy if you create water with a new watermelon flavour. I believe this will ensure further improvement of your image and increased consumption of this beverage. Thank you for your attention. Please reply if this is possible.

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