What kind of water is used for the beverages of the Karavan trademark?

Розташуваня артезіанських свердловин ВФ «Панда» ТМ «Караван»

Our water has been extracted from artesian boreholes No. 8, No. 9, No. 9r since 2007. The boreholes are in the area of Mykhailivske forestry of the state Vinnytske forestry entity (see orbital survey).

Гідрогеологічний розріз Стрижавсько-Бузького родовища питних вод підвищеної якості

The water-bearing horizons lie at the depth of 60-80 m in granite crystalline rock (see hydrogeological cross-section view). 

After water treatment, which doesn’t change its mineral structure, our water, falling into the category of natural drinking low-mineralized hydrocarbonate calcium-magnesium waters, is used for manufacture. Simply put, this structure is suitable for daily use as drinking water.

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