Terms of cooperation


Products of Karavan TM are sold on an advance-payment basis.



Products of Karavan TM are shipped under the EXW terms (Ex Works) (Incoterms 2010) (local pickup only).



The minimum volume of the order is one pallet of one type of product. One pallet contains: products 1.5l - 72 packages (432 bottles); products 0.5l - 108 packages (1296 bottles); products 6l - 54 packages (108 bottles).



Single price for the products is provided in the price-list.



The maximum product range per vehicle is two types of products.



Loading is performed using pallets made of ramps by loader to vehicles with body or trailer height no less 1 m closed type.



Pledge value of a wooden pallet is UAH 200. Exchange for new euro pallets (120*80) is possible.



Product orders for the next week are placed on the partner’s personal page on Thursdays.
After an order is received, information on its processing is provided on the partner’s personal page: bottling schedule, product range, invoice for payment, time of loading, tonnage, etc.

Adjustments to orders can be made online on the partner’s personal page.



All document flow is carried out electronically using M.E.Doc software package and electronic digital signatures.



During spring and summer, the maximum order for each Partner is limited. The limit is calculated in proportion to the percentage of the Partner’s sales for the period from 1 October of the previous year to the day of placing the order.


To start cooperation with Panda Production Company, it is necessary to:
(agreements on cooperation with new counterparties will be concluded from 1 October 2021)

  • conclude an agreement (sample of standard-form agreement), submitting copies of registration documents;

  • to use electronic document management software «M.E.Doc»;

  • provide data on address and warehouse space (with photos).

Good luck to your business!

  Proposals are accepted for supply of raw materials

Raw materials Qualitative parameters
1 Activated charcoal
2 Carbon dioxide
3 Kieselguhr (small fraction), kg
4 Kieselguhr (large fraction), kg
5 Glue
6 Cover
7 Blue cover 38мм for water bottle 6 liter
8 Stretch film for machines
9 Shrink film
10 Preform 14-15 g
11 Preform 26-28g
12 PET preform 64-66 g (6.0 liters), 38мм
13 Handle for drinking bottled water/ 38мм
14 Grape juice concentrate
15 Pear juice concentrate
16 Lime juice concentrate
17 Apple juice concentrate
18 Salt tablets
19 Flexo label
20 White sugar

We will be glad to welcome you as our partner!

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